How Do I Install a Pool Liner?


Spread the liner so it is centered in the pool. Let the liner sit in the sun for at least 24 hours. Flatten the liner as best as you can so it is free of wrinkles. Attach a vacuum pump to the pool per the manufacturer's instructions and remove any excess air. Attach the liner to the pool per the manufacturer's instructions.
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How to Install a Pool Liner
A pool liner's function for an above-ground pool is to keep water in the pool and prevent it from leaking. The pool liner doesn't serve a support purpose, so it's important to install it properly so it isn't stretched or pulled too tight. Stretch the... More »
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To install a pool liner first you have to drain your pool and find out what punctured your old one. Then remove the old one making sure nothing sharp is left below it. Then you simply
1. Place an earth mound around the bottom of the pool. This will ensure that the pool liner doesn't touch the metal pool frame. Earth mound is a smooth layer of sand that goes at
1 Get the template for liner measurements from your pool supplier. The architect or contractor who built your pool should also have them. Ad 2 Choose your liner color & pattern.
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Overlap Installation Open the pool liner. Spread out the liner and allow it to sit in the sun for about 30 minutes. This will loosen up the liner and make it easier ...
To install a pool liner you will need a number of hands to help hold and adjust it. Using a vacuum cleaner to suck the liner into places helps greatly. You can ...
1. Note the shape of your pool, whether it is rectangular, square, round or oblong. Use the tape measure to measure from the top of the inside of the rail on one ...
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