How Do I Install a Shower Pump?


read instruction guide that should have been provided, fit the shower control. Ensure that the water supply is shut off . Fit the base tray and shwoer head and fiittings. Connect the main shower supply and unleast the water through. Good luck .
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How to Install a Shower Pump
A shower pump is a handy accessory for a comfortable shower. A shower pump is an electric pump that is used to maintain a steady flow and pressure of water in a shower. The pump works best on stored water as compared to water that comes directly from the... More »
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You can install a pump shower by first mounting it on a concrete slab between the hot and cold-water storage. Connect the pipe to the cold-water tank then complete the pipe work between the cold water supply and the hot water cylinder. Use flange where the hot water cylinder connects to the pump then install an isolation valve to the pipe work. Lastly, connect the pipe to the electric switchboard supplying five amps of power.
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