How Do I Install a Tumble Dryer?


The first step in installing a tumble dryer is to attach the dryer vent duct to the rear of the tumble dryer and to the existing dryer wall vent. Then plug the machine into the wall socket, which should be a 220 volt outlet if the machine is electric and 110 volt outlet if it is a gas dryer. Connect the gas line, turn on the power and test.
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1. Attach the dryer vent duct to the rear of the dryer and to the existing dryer wall vent. Slide one end of the duct over the dryer wall vent, and tighten down one of the hose clamps
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Learning how to install a dryer vent can save you lots of money. Even if you decide to have the job done professionally, knowing how to install a dryer vent can help you make sure
Condenser tumble dryers are becoming very popular because they can be placed anywhere in the drying area of your home and don't require connecting to a vent which goes to the outside
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How to Install a Tumble Dryer
Purchasers of a new tumble dryer can choose from many styles and models. Dryers can operate off of either electricity or gas. Gas dryers tend to be more energy efficient over the lifetime of the dryer. Installing a new dryer is a straightforward process... More »
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When installing a tumble dryer, attach it to the vent duct and secure it in place using one of the hose clamps. Plug the dryer into the wall outlet then connect the gas line. Finally, turn the dryer on to test for power.
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