How Do I Install an Airport Card into a Mac Mini?


In order to install an airport card into a MAC Mini, begin by inserting the AirPort Extreme card into the mezzanine board while aligning the card with the connector and pressing in very firmly; use Kapton tape to secure the card to the board. Align the connector and press it in order to attach the AirPort Extreme antenna to the Airport Extreme card. To ensure it is properly in place, there will be a clicking sound. Finally align and connect the mezzanine card to the logic board and replace crews and internal frame.
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1 Determine the model of your Mac mini. This process will allow you to verify if you can install the RAM yourself without contacting an Apple Authorized Service Provider for assistance
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Shut down the computer . Unplug all cables, except the power cord. Place the computer face down on a soft cloth.(more?)
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