How do I install JavaScript?


Almost any modern browser for any operating system comes bundled with JavaScript and because of this you won't have to install JavaScript. However, for some web browsers on mobile phones, JavaScript is missing and you need to install it. In this case the best option is to check with the site of the manufacturer of your mobile phone for instructions. Different mobile phones use different operating systems and browsers and there isn't a universal way to install JavaScript. JavaScript might already be installed for you but you could still be getting error messages. The most common reason for these error messages is that JavaScript might not be enabled. Therefore, you need to enable JavaScript.
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How to Install Javascript
Javascript is actually part of the Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment; it's not a program in and of itself. It's a programming language that Web designers use in order to add dynamic content to a Web page. Installing Java is a simple procedure,... More »
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Open your web browser and go to the Java website. See Resources below for the URL ; click the large red button that reads 'Free Java Download' in the center of the page. Keep in mind that you will need at least 98MB of hard drive space to install JavaScript. Save and store the JavaScript installation file in a place where you can find it. Your desktop is a good place to store it temporarily. Double-click the installation file to begin installing JavaScript. Follow the prompts to register and use it. Remember to close and reopen your web browser so the changes will properly take effect. It is as simple as pie
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There are a couple ways to fix javascript null void. It may be the website itself, in which the website HTML would need to be fixed. You could also try re-installing ...
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