How do I introduce myself?


Looking people straight in the eyes is important because it shows that you care and also shows self confidence. Begin with I'd like to introduce myself so that you have the other person's attention when you say your name. A firm handshake, once again, demonstrates your self confidence, but be sure you don't break the other person's arm or hand. Say your full name and immediately ask for theirs - then repeat their name while saying, Make sure you introduce with both first and last names. Telling someone where you work and your title is appropriate and may lead to many conversation topics these way introduce yourself.
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When you want to introduce yourself you must be aware of who you are talking to and what impression you want to make, if it is job then you would probably talk about your skills and what you have done and how you would benefit the organization, if it s social gathering like a seminar, workshop always try to be a bit more relaxed to create a rapport with those in attendance. The most important thing to remember is always be truthful and avoid exaggeration
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