How Do I Join Costco?


To join Costco is quite easy. You can to it online whereby you just need to add a membership to your cart and purchase online immediately. Your membership card will be sent to you within 7 to 10 days. You may also visit the membership counter of any branch of Costco warehouse and apply in this case your membership card will be given immediately.
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Costco's Gold Star Membership is $50 annually.
In most states, $50.00 for a basic personal membership.
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Costco is a wholesale club that sells everything from various meats to laptops. At such stores, you pay a membership fee at which point you have access to the store and the bargains
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As a membership club one must apply and register as a member, to enjoy the benefits of the club. Today’s Costco wholesale is a mixture of the original Costco and Price Club.
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