How Do I Keep Bees out of My Yard?


If you would like to keep bees out of your yard, there are a couple of options. For one, you could use bee traps to keep the bees from collecting on your property. Secondly, you could go with chemical insect killers, although those are bad for the environment.
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1. Get rid of any current hives or nests present in your yard. At night, spray the nests with bug spray or a soap and water solution. After the insects are dead, dispose of the bodies
1. Get to know bees. Become familiar with bee predators. Other insects like yellow jackets, wasps, mites and hornets will attempt to destroy your colony. Mice, ants, and some night-prowling
Tea tree oil is said to be a good repellent for honey
Beekeper the preson that keeps them in wooden box.So simple.
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If you are wondering how do I keep bees out of my yard, this is the answer. Try putting some sliced ripe pear or mango in a paper bag. Move the paper bag about 15 feet away from the area you want the bees to avoid. The smell of the fruit will attract the bees and draw them away from you. Leave the bag for a few days, then fill a second bag with the fruit. Place this one 30 feet away. Keep gradually moving the bag further away until the bees stop coming in the yard.
You might not to be able to completely get rid of the, but you can greatly reduce the chances that they'll hang around your house for long. Limit how much sweet smelling trash you keep outside because bees will believe it's nectar. Bees will also come to drink nectar from flowers and will also want to be close to a water source. Another good way defense is to keep your lawn mowed so they can't build their hives in your lawn. You can find more info at:
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