How Do I Keep Cats out of My Yard?


There are a number of humane ways for dealing with stray cats which will keep them out of your yard. By planting plants such as geranium, pennyroyal, rue, lavender, garlic, lemon thyme, lemon verbena, and other strongly scented plants. You can also lay chicken wire in your flower beds, as cats dislike like walking on wire. In addition to chicken wire, you can use pine cones, nut shells, and short stakes to discourage cats from walking in your yard; cats also don't like walking on coffee grounds and eggshells, both of which happen to make great fertilizer.
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Look online. In your search engine type "Cat Fence-in System" and you will find several web sites. Only one of them is the "official" (trademarked) system. It
Vets will tell you that if you allow your cat outside it will shorten it's life. Cats climb and hide so there is no way you can keep a cat in your own yard. I have my cat Molly trained
#1 There is a product on Amazon called the Scarecrow. It is a motion activated device that shoots a stream of water at the cat. You hook the device up to your watering hose. It is
Commercial cat repellent sprays and powders will help w/cats. Your local
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How to Keep Cats Out of My Yard
If your garden has become overrun with unwanted cats, you will want to take action immediately. Cats make wonderful companions, but the presence of stray cats in your yard can prove problematic for a number of reasons. Not only can wild cats ruin your... More »
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