How Do I Keep Coyotes out of My Yard?


To keep coyotes out of your yard, build fences to keep them from entering. The fences should at least be 4 feet in height. You may also use electric fence if necessary.
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Sit out there in the night and wait for them to come, once you see them, politely ask them to stay off your property. Tell them that you bought the property and you own it and pay
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I'm in So Cal and we have the same problem. Last night there was a pack of them up on the hillside directly outside my fence and it terrifies me because they can get my Eskies inside
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1. Keep younger children indoors when they cannot be supervised, as many coyote attacks on toddlers happened to kids playing in their own yards unattended. 2. ...
You can keep coyotes away from goats by fencing the goats into a pen that the coyotes are unable to enter. You might also add a donkey to your goat herd. Donkeys ...
Sprinkle wolf urine around the area you want to be secure from coyotes. It will keep them from wandering on your property. Repeat this process until it's not needed ...
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