How do I Keep Fabric Colors from Running?


To keep fabric colors from running, you need to wash the clothes in cold water, as this can help prevent colors running. You can also add a little vinegar to the wash. To further prevent running colors, do not wash light clothes with clothes that may run.
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1. A bucket is handy for stain removal or setting fabric dye. Soak your garments in a bucket of straight white vinegar for one hour to set the fabric dye. This step is to be done
All fabric can and will fade. But it
There can be a variety of reasons that your fabric fades: the fabric may not be colorfast to begin with, a high chlorine content in the water, the type of detergent used, sunlight
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The best way to prevent fabric colors from running is to wash like colors together. If that isn't going to work for you then there is a product available in the any grocery store in the detergent isle that prevents bleeding of colors. It will attract the color that is bleeding to it and prevent the color from getting on your other clothing. The thing to remember is that this product only holds so much die and after that the remaining die (if you wash too many colors that bleed together) could end up on your clothes. The best prevention is to wash an item that might bleed separately the first time then keep like colors together when washing.
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