How Do I Keep House Windows from Fogging up?


There are a couple of different methods to keep house windows from fogging up. Some will argue the best way to fix this problem is actually repairing the windows, but not all of us have the budget for that. You can try opening the window slightly, turning down the heat or applying fluids designed to help windows be less foggy.
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How to Keep House Windows From Fogging Up
Keeping house windows from fogging up is easily done by applying shaving cream foam to the surface of the window, wiping it down with a clean rag and repeating this step every few weeks. Keep windows clear of fog with helpful cleaning tips from a... More »
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1. Run a dehumidifier in your home and check the receptacle frequently. Homes that are prone to excess moisture throughout the year can benefit from the use of a dehumidifier. You
Fogging in windows is infuriating. And it is even more so when the moist starts to drip from the windows. But the most infuriating of all is the window mildew that results from the
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Your heater core is leaking in it's housing box and blowing moist air through the heater/defroster. Try bardall radiator stop leak. If no help, install new heater core. Chuck.
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There is a super simple solution to preventing your windows from fogging over. Purchase a can of shaving cream. Spray the windows with the shaving cream and smear ...
Bad ventilation and differences in temperature (outside and inside) are the main causes of windows fogging up from steam. Add a small amount of glycerin to water ...
The fact that windows generally allow a certain amount of thermal exchange explains why windows will fog up in a house. Warm air carries much more moisture than ...
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