How do i keep my sterling silver ring from turning green/turning my finger green?


There are a couple of things you can do to stop your ring and finger from turning green. If you are short on cash you can use a clear nail polish and paint a few layers on the inside of the ring. This will keep the ring protected. It will wear with time so repaint as needed. If you can afford it take the ring to a jeweler and have it dipped in a silver plating.
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True sterling silver will not leave green marks on your finger. Sterling from North America is fine silver ( .999 pure) a .925 % and copper makes of the rest of the alloy. Other locations
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1. Purchase sterling silver jewelry with rhodium plating if possible; this material is ideal for people who suffer from allergic reactions to the alloys in sterling silver or gold
Hi there. Many Sterling silver items are dipped into a GREEN oxidizing solution (sulphur water) This gives the item color and character. Oxidizing on Silver is sulphur or tarnish.
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Sterling rings can oxidize the will tarnish or turn your finger green if you don't wear them often, typically the oils in your skin keep the ring from oxidizing. ...
Wearing a sterling silver ring might turn your skin green. It is likely. It depends on the acids in your skin. Lower quality precious metals are more likely to ...
Rings turn the finger green due to the metal content on the ring and to avoid these stop buying cheap rings which causes discoloration. This happens when taking ...
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