How Do I Keep Squirrels out of My Flower Pots?


Keeping squirrels out of a flower pots you can use toy rubber snakes to frighten them. Furthermore, can also use blood meal and put it in the flower pots as this keeps the squirrels out of your flower pots. You can as well use discarded dog or human hair and place it on top of the dirt in flower pots. This hair is often effective in repelling squirrels.
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1. Sprinkle generous amounts of blood meal around the plants in your containers. This will repel both squirrels and rabbits. Blood meal is available at local home stores and gardening
Sprinkle the flower pots with Cayenne Pepper not only does that stop the squirrels but rabbits, also.
Try ground red pepper- Cayenne powder.
Squirrels don't like Fritillaria imperialis bulbs or Witch
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There are quite a few flowers that can help keep squirrels away. You could keep squirrels away by planting flowers from the Fritillary genus. You could also use ...
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