How Do I Keep Wasps from Coming Back?


After putting out wasp traps, or spraying their nests to remove the wasps that inhabit it, you must then remove the nest itself. Wasps may continue to come back to the area, or surrounding areas to build new nests. They do not give up easily. The only way to keep them from coming back is to make the area inhabitable to them, which depending on how your home is built, may not possible. You may have to call an exterminator.
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Wasps like to build nests in cool dark areas, so even a small crack in a wall could be inviting. If you see wasps around your area without any nest, chances are they have an inside
Wasps keep stinging to protect their hive, the same reason that worker honeybees sting. The wasp's stinger is smooth and barbless and is with drawn from the wound after the venom
Flying bug spray works just fine.make sure you kill all of 'em. To prevent future attacks, don't leave food or garbage lying around.if that don't work, move.if they follow you.well,
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How to Keep Wasps From Coming Back
Wasps are naturally curious insects that are attracted to the multitude of smells coming from your home. They also require quite a bit of water and have the ability to smell it evaporating into the air. So, a pool or birdbath located near your home will... More »
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