How Do I Kill Ants with Household Items?


To kill ants with household items, first mix a small amount of liquid dish soap and water in a spray bottle. Then, find out where the ants are coming from and then block the ants' point of entry using cayenne or black pepper. Next, squirt the mixture on all the ants and vacuum or spray any remaining trail marks. Finally, keep all sugar jars or honey in a bowl of water.
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you can drown them in water or poison them.
1. Locate fire ant mound(s) Treatment must be made quickly. 2. Measure 2 cups of club soda, and pour into small pail. 3. Pour the club soda directly on top of the fire ant mound.
Plain soapy water, windex are a couple. Make sure you find the entry source and treat
Windex will kill ants. Just make sure you use the kind that has ammonia in it. It's actually the ammonia that will do them in. :
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How to Kill Ants With Household Items
Ants are commonly found in areas of your home where there is food, garbage or dirt. They like to come through windowsills and kitchen pipes. At the first sign of one or two ants, you should try to locate more, then prepare to eliminate the problem... More »
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Fill an empty plastic spray bottle with warm water and add a healthy squirt of Dawn dish soap to it. Then shake it to mix it well. This is a guaranteed quick kill for ants that works upon contact with the insects. Another step is, Use a plastic spoon to scoop up about 1/2 tsp. of Borax or boric acid, and deposit the powder inside the metal casing that houses the switch or plug unit.
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