How to Kill Stinging Nettles?


Stinging nettles can be eliminated by first lopping them, and then a pitchfork can be used to remove the roots from the base. Any new sprouts can be pulled out before they grow into strong plants. Chemical treatment like spraying a weed killer may be necessary if the weed growth persists.
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How to Kill Stinging Nettles
Worldwide, there are around 500 species of stinging nettle, sometimes called Tread Softly, Bull Nettle, or Finger Rot. While those found in the U.S. sting the skin, the discomfort doesn't last very long. Other, non-American, species of stinging nettle,... More »
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1. Mow down stinging nettles repeatedly. This treatment works well, but must be continued for two or three years. Stinging nettle roots usually remain in the soil this long before
Try ripping them up from the root. If you want to eat them without cooking them just role up a leaf, crush them slightly and enjoy!
You need to use a 'kill and regrow agent'. To be sure it is stinging nettle, you can dig a patch from the area that stings and take it to a local lawn and garden center for analysis
1 Find the infected area (Ex. Arms Legs, Chest, Ankles) Ad 2 Find Jewel Weed. Jewel Weed is a plant with a green stem and yel
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Stinging nettle has fine hairs on its leaves and stems that cause skin irritation. Contact with nettle causes a red, itchy rash. The most common treatment for ...
To stop nettle stings, wrap your fingers around the bottom of the stem then brush your fingers up the stem. While doing this, you just touch the bottom of the ...
1. Look to see if you have any small spiny hairs lodged in your skin or if you can feel them in the affected area. Place masking tape over the red or swollen skin ...
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