How do I Know if a Money Order has Been Cashed?


For most money orders, you can check if your money order has been cashed online if you have the receipt stub. If the money order was purchased from a retail store or the United States Post Office, you will need to take your receipt to the location for them to check if it has been cashed.
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If you want to cash a money order then you can do so at a local bank or a check cashing store. Please be advised that there are fees when you cash a money order. The fees depends
Need to know how to cash a money order? Cashing a money order can be confusing and frustrating if you are unsure of what to do first, but the process is easier once you know where
1. Determine the location where the money order was purchased. Some places may charge a fee to trace the money order. 2. Fill out a "money order claim card" on the MoneyGram
1 Determine where the money order is from. Money orders may be issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS), banks, grocery stores, convenience stores, credit unions and cash
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You can cash a money order at your local bank. If the money order is from the post office, all the larger post offices have an obligation to cash it. You will ...
You can cash or deposit your money order at your personal bank. You can also cash it at a check cashing service. These companies charge a fee for their services ...
Money orders provide an avenue for people to send money through mail. You can cash a postal service money order at a post office or bank in the UK. ...
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