How Do I Know If My Dog Is under Weight?


The feel test is the best first step to determine if your pet is underweight. Run your hand gently over the top of the dog's back. You should feel the ribs of the dog (they should not have sharp edges). When you look at your dog, it is okay to see a slight indention of your dogs' ribs but you should not be able to count each rib. Sharp ribs to the touch or the visual ribs usually mean your dog is underweight.
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Your dog could be losing weight for many reasons. It may have worms. It might have a more serious problem. You would need to have your dog checked by your vet to be sure.
1. Start a weight-gain program by getting the dog's initial weight. This way you can keep track of the dog's weight and progress over time. The weight should be recorded on a weekly
Your veterinarian can give you a solid rating of your dog's body condition score (BCS) but you can estimate this at home by looking at three areas. First, look at your dog from the
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