How Do I Know If My Goldfish Is Male or Female?


You can identify a male goldfish from a female goldfish by their physical apperance. The male goldfish develops white pimples around their gills covers while the female goldfish will have deeper body and a larger vent just near the anal fin.
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One of the first fish species ever to be domesticated by humans was the goldfish. Although goldfish display astounding differences around the world, it seems household goldfishes
First of all, the question is confusing since a male goldfish could never be female. I'm going to assume you mean how to tell the sex of a goldfish. Following are some methods that
The female goldfish is rounder and more full than the
Lower fin near organs - male is more pointed and triangle - female is more rounded and smaller.
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To tell the difference between a male and female goldfish, look at the size. The female is slightly larger than the male. ...
The most commonly used way to tell the sex of a gold fish involves waiting for the spawning season. During this period, females become heavier and may appear lopsided ...
You can only tell the sex of an Oranda Goldfish when they are older. The male is more slender and tends to be smaller than the female. In breeding season, the ...
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