How do I know if my husband is cheating on me?


Although a woman cannot prove that her husband is cheating without a confession or evidence, there are several signs that may indicate a straying lover. A major red flag that a woman's spouse is cheating is that he starts spending more time away from the house without a major change occurring in his career.

Men begin to change their behavior once they begin having an affair in order to hide their crime from their wives. Men who may be cheating use extreme measures to hide an affair. For example, a cheating husband may delete text message history, phone call logs and even start taking calls in private. All of these are signs that either he is having an affair or he is involved in a scandalous situation. These signs are even more suspicious if he has never taken these actions in the past.

One major sign of infidelity is a man who demonstrates emotional distance. According to psychologist Dr. Oikle, Ph.D., men have a very difficult time investing emotions in two women, and men who feel ashamed of their actions cannot share emotional intimacy well with the woman that they are betraying. Husbands who avoid intimate conversations, being alone with their wives and stop displaying physical affection may be cheating.

There is no one sign that points to infidelity, but a wife may be able to sense her husband is having an affair if he begins to change his behavior, attitude and overall involvement in the marriage.

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