How can you tell if your husband loves you?


To tell if your husband loves you, examine his actions and words, and whether or not he treats you with love and respect. Compare how your husband treated you when you first fell in love with the way he treats you now.

There are questions that help determine whether or not your husband loves you. Positive answers to the following questions are a good indicator that he loves you.

  • Does he tell you he loves you without you asking?
  • Does he compliment you, encourage you and make you feel appreciated?
  • Does he enjoy spending time with you?
  • Does he show you affection, such as kissing, hugging and cuddling you?

According to Dr. John Gottman, a relationship expert, if a partner exhibits any of the following behavior in a relationship, then the marriage is likely to fail.

  • He is critical of your personality
  • He refuses to interact with you
  • He is defensive and argumentative
  • He is disrespectful
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