How Do I Know My Ugg Boots Are Genuine?


The best way to tell if an UGG boot is fake or genuine is to check and see where it was manufactured. If the boot still says that it was made in New Zealand, it is a fake for sure. UGG boots are now made exclusively in China.
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Ugg Boots can be bought in many stores. Obviously, they can be purchased on Ugg's website. Also, you can find them in fine department stores all around! You can find more information
UGG boots are originally from Australia, came from 'ugly'. Real Uggs now made in China, although you can still get Australian ones e.g Uggstop boots.
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The fur used for manufacturing genuine UGG boots looks more natural and has a fluffy aspect. One should also take a good look at the stitching quality. For more ...
One can tell if the UGG boots are genuine by the quality of the stitching. There are many other methods to test this, such as checking the country. Nowadays, the ...
All genuine Australian made ugg boots carry an Australian Made triangle logo/trademark which is licensed exclusively to Australian made products. ...
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