How Do I Know When I'M Ovulating?


When you are ovulating, your vaginal discharge will increase and change from white, creamy or non-existent to clear, stretchy and slippery. Other signs that you may notice include; bloating, breast tenderness, mild abdominal pain and increased sex drive.
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Some women can tell that they are ovulating by checking their cervical mucus (it will be egg white consistancy) or the basal body temperature (goes up). There are also ovulation test that you can take that will tell you if you are ovulating.
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There are many different methods by which a woman can attempt to determine when she's ovulating. A visit to one's gynecologist is an important first step and will help a woman to
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It means you're discharging from your Ovary.
Women with very regular menstrual cycle ovulate around the middle the cycle. In your case, any time between April 30th to May 4th or 5th, You need to use the Ovulatioon test kits
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Most women ovulate on the 14th day after the first day of their period. There are over the counter tests you can take that will tell you if you are ovulating. ...
To tell when ovulation occurs, check the cervical mucus. It is usually thicker and stretches more. If your basal body temperature shows a rise of 17 degrees Celsius ...
There are several ways to detect if a woman is ovulating. There could be more of a discharge or cervical mucus that becomes thicker. This can be a sign of ovulation ...
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