How do I Lace my Jordans?


You lace your Jordans just like you lace any other pair of tennis shoes. You can tie them all the way up or leave the laces loose for a more casual look.
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Believe it or not, there are many different ways to lace. There are some websites on the internet that provide several different methods, as well as instructions. You can find more information here:
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1. Remove the strings from their package. Insert one end of the shoestring through the bottommost hole on the left and the other end through the bottommost hole on the right. Insert
tie it like a regular shoe.
The laces of the Air Jordan 5s are 60 inches long. This should give plenty
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To lace Jordan's one would first put the lace in the first two hole near the toe. Then lace criss cross until one reaches the last holes. Then tie the remaining ...
Athletic shoes have come a long way from the simple sneakers of yesteryear. Advanced engineering, ergonomic design, space age fabrics---it can all be a little ...
Jordan lace locks were introduced on the Air Jordan V sneaker. The manufacturer was Nike. The lace locks were meant to makes strapping the shoe on easier. ...
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