How do I lay crazy paving?


Crazy paving means hard surfacing of floors in outdoor areas and is mostly created in garden areas of offices, complexes and even at home gardens. To lay crazy paving, one will prepare a bed with wet cement that will form the foundation for the different materials used in paving. Once the materials are laid, one can use mortar to fill in the gaps. The beauty of crazy paving is in being carelessly casual though one needs to carefully lay the pavements with care to assure that their work lasts for a long time.
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Crazy paving may be laid on sand or on 5 cm mortar bed for a firmer finish. To lay, start by installing the foundations. Clear the site and use string lines to mark out the area to be paved. Define an edge and mortar them firmly. Lay the paving down fitting the pieces together like a jigsaw. Keep the gaps small. Level the central slabs with the edging pieces and ensure they do not move. Fill the joints with a stiff, crumbly, almost dry mortar and scrape of any excess mortar before it dries.
Laying crazy paving is a great way to add an interest piece to your area. It starts out the same way as you will go about laying paving: excavate and have good, hard-packed soil. The following steps would be a bit different though. You can find the instructions here:
Crazy paving refers to the crazed manner in which the stones are laid in a pavement. When it comes to doing crazy paving, one can choose one of two methods. You can choose to use screed bedding whereby you use material that is of regular thickness. The other method is individual bedding. This involves preparing each a bed for each piece as it is required. The bedding material may either be chiselled out or hollowed to fit the paving piece. Next the piece is fitted in and consolidated using a rubber hammer.
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