How Do I Legally Sell My Gun?


In most states it is legal to privately sell a gun. You just need to complete the transaction. In other states you can go to a gun shop and complete the transfer there.
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1. Find a federally licensed firearm dealer to sell your gun for you. Many gun shops offer this service for a fee and will complete the background checks on prospective buyers for
You can sell you paintball gun on auction sites. Or you can post a flyer around town in your local area. You can also post information on social websites. Try listing your ad on
18 in the USA.
1 List your gun. There are many websites and print publications that will list your firearm for sale. Local trading posts may charge a fee, but you'll probably get the most local
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When trying to sell a firearm legally, it is good to obtain a Federal Firearms License, which is a US government liscense used by purchasers and buyers of firearms ...
In order to legally sell a gun, you need to sell the accompanying papers with it. This includes the licensure of the gun. It also includes the serial number of ...
1. Determine if the gun transaction is considered a private sale or trade. In other words, be sure you are only conducting a private sale or trade between two ...
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