How do I Make a Canopy?


It isn't very difficult to make a canopy for a bed. You will need several things for this project, including sheer curtains and large planter hooks. You can find out more information here:
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How to Make a Canopy
Making a canopy will add pizazz to any room. Whether it is for a child or just a way of adding a romantic flare to your bedroom, a canopy will do the trick. It will probably take a few hours out of the day but, the end result will be worthwhile.... More »
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I always wanted a canopy bed when I was little but never got one so when I grew up I got a high four poster bed and made my own canopy! All you need to do is purchase a sheer fabric like netting but make sure it is not too flimsy or it will not last long. Make sure it is long and wide enough for your bed frame and allow enough fabric for it to drape over the sides. Then all you do is hem it all the way around and place it over your poster bed and attach with band if needed to keep in place. Enjoy!
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1. Purchase or rent metal or wooden archways to border the entrances on each side of the canopy. Set the archways in front of the entrance and decorate them according to the theme
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A great way to do this a cheap way is to simply put a plant hook above your bed, That's right. Then you just need to hang your desired fabric from it using the ...
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