How Do I Make a Child's Sheep Costume?


To make a child's sheep costume, dress your child pants, long-sleeved shirt and socks all black. Cut the sleeves off of a large white sweatshirt to make the body of the sheep costume. Apply craft glue in small dots on the sweatshirt and place cotton balls close together for the best effect. For a tail, cut out a teardrop shape from a piece of black felt and glue it to the back of the sweatshirt near the bottom hem. Cover child-sized white hat with craft glue and cotton to form head. For ears, cut two small ovals out of black felt and gluing them onto the hat. Paint your child's nose black.
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1. Dress your child in all black: black pants or leggings, black long-sleeved shirt and black socks. Put a second pair of black socks on your child's hands. These clothes will be
Here's one way to make a woolly sheep costume at home; you'll need a pattern, some fleece material, and sewing notions like a zipper, thread, and buttons. Cut out the material following
1. Purchase a white jogging suit. You will want to obtain a white sweat shirt and a pair of white sweat pants in the appropriate sizes. 2. Glue cotton batting to the shirt and pants
Goat is a Kid. Sheep is a lamb.
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To make a sheep costume, you will need 5 packs of cotton balls or Halloween artificial web. Obtain a plain white long-sleeve shirt and white pants or shorts. Cover ...
You can make a sheep costume out of a white hooded sweat suit, black gloves and socks, and cotton balls or pillow stuffing. You will also need black and white ...
1. Set the hooded shirt out on a flat area, like a table, first. Starting on the front of the shirt, at the bottom of the shirt, start to apply your double sided ...
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