How Do I Make a Cross out of Wire and Glass Beads?


To make a cross out of of wire and glass beads, first make a drawing of the design. Thread three to five beads on bead wire. Add the next row of beads on one side of the wire, and then slide the other end of the wire through them from the other side. Continue in this way to form the parts of the cross.
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1. With a wire cutter, cut a 12-inch length of 20-gauge jewelry wire. This will create a beaded cross 2 1/4-inches long. Fold the wire in half and make a sharp end with jewelry pliers
Its hard to know for sure, since knowing the dimension of the bead doesn't neccessarily tell the size of the hole, but 6mm is probably big enough to go over most common wire sizes
Watch this video and learn how to wire wrap the stem of a wine glass with beads.
Create a beaded cross with coloured glass beads and a few jewellery tools. A beaded cross can be made in different sizes, designs and colours. Worn on a chain necklace or satin ribbon
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