How to Make Dovetail Joints?


A dovetail joint is a joint technique that is usually used in woodworking. To make a dovetail joint, plane the ends of the pieces of wood and then mark the shoulder line of each piece. After that, mark the ends of the tails at the desired angle and then cut them using a dovetail saw. Using the completed cut dovetails, mark the pins at the opposite ends, cut and clean the waste, then fit both ends together.
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How to Make a Dovetail Joint
Making a dovetail joint can hold together two pieces of wood at a right angle for building drawers or furniture. Construct a dovetail joint to secure two pieces of wood using a dovetail saw and chisel with instruction from an experienced builder in this... More »
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A dovetail joint refers to a joint technique that is generally used in woodworking joinery. It is popular for its resistance to being pulled apart. The dovetail joint is normally utilised to join the front of a drawer to the sides.
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