How do I Make a Floor Cloth?


A floor cloth can be made from canvas fabric and latex paint. Fold the edges of the fabric and sew or glue them to make a neat hem. Decorate the cloth as you wish with the latex paint, and finish with a coat of polyurethane.
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Floorcloths are a cheap, creative way to cover and protect your floor. All you need to do is purchase a piece of heavy duty canvas and prime it so it stiffens. Paint the cloth as you desire and lay it where you want in your home.
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1. Paint the pre-primed canvas cloth with your chosen base color of flat exterior paint. Let it dry. Straighten out all the edges with your hands. 2. Mark a line 1/2 inch from the
also floor cloth (flôr,'klôth', -klŏth', flōr'-) n. A piece of heavy canvas that has been primed, decorated, and varnished and is used as a floor covering.
Commercial VCT is aways a good choice for an area that gets a lot of wear. It is fairly inexpensive, easy to replace areas if a tile is damaged, and isn't generally slippery.
OK, I will weigh in first. This is not very scientific, however as a mom and a dermatologist, I find the idea objectionable. Using babies as floor mops is ridiculous. First and
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To paint a floor cloth you will need to begin with a durable duck cloth. Paint the design you would like on the cloth with water colors and protect with several ...
Floor cloths are an excellent way to dress up any room. To make, you'll need a canvas cloth, paints, and any type of embellishments you'd like to add. It may be ...
First wash your fabric, which should be canvas or duck cloth. Stretch on wooden frame, and apply Linseed oil to both sides. Hang outside in sunny weather to ...
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