How do I Make a Homemade Pulley?


A pulley is a device that helps to pull objects around the house and every where else. Homemade pulley are a very favorite topic in making science projects in schools. You can find out more information here:
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1. Cut a piece of tape 6-inches long. Cut another piece of tape 4-inches long. Attach the two pieces of tape by centering the pieces lengthwise and pressing the sticky sides together
Some type of pipe whether a dowel rod, PVC or steel pipe, and wheel off an old lawn implement, take the tire off and put a rope in the groove of the tire while hanging the dowel between
Tie your foot-long piece of clothesline to the top of your pulley. This will hang from your door. You will be pulling on the pulley during your exercises, so make sure that your knot
That gives both variable resistance through range of motion (lighter at start, full weight at end) AND force multiplying where e.g. 20 lbs becomes 80 lbs (added weight effect with
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1. Screw in the screw hook on the inside of the box in the center. This will serve as a pulley mechanism for the suspended carrot later in the process of doing ...
You can build a do-it-yourself, homemade gate opener to automate a gate with a simple motor and pulley system. This project involves taking a garage door opener ...
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