How Do I Make a Model of a Mountain?


The easiest way to make a mountain shape is with a circle of poster board. Roll up like a cone and secure well with tape.Cut the tip of the cone so it's not pointy. Next, you need paper mache. Wrap many, many layers moulding them into shape as you go, and let dry overnight. Paint the mountain with poster paints, add little twigs, pebbles, or mini-grasses and leaves from outside to embellish.
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1. Select a piece of foam, wood or similar sturdy material for the base of the model. 2. Prepare several balls and irregularly shaped wads of newspaper which will be used to form
study the mountian, then lump clay into the general shapeof it. it's not that hard, really.
It comes down to how much you're willing to spend. I'd drop by a small local bike shop (REI and friends don't count, a store specifically for bikes…) and talk to the employees
if its new, probably like 300-400 but used would be around 250. Source(s) biking.
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How to Build a Model of a Mountain
Whether you are building a model of a mountain for a school project or a hobby project like a model train layout, it can be done relatively easily and with little expense or prior experience. There are many ways you might accomplish this, of course, and... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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You can make a mountain with modeling clay. First, shape the clay into how the mountain looks like. You can then paint over it to make it more realistic. ...
It is really nice if you have a multiple of brown and similar type colors. You only have to model the clay after a mountain picture, streteching and providing ...
You will need a picture of a mountain to use as a model, utility knife, large pieces of Styrofoam packaging material, craft glue, granite spray paint. Use the ...
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