How Do I Make a Music Box?


To make a music box, choose the box that you will use then decide on the music you will play in your music box. Next, find a small enough mechanical device that will comfortably fit in your box, drill a small hole at the back of the box, and install the device following the instructions. Finally, cover the mechanical piece with clear plastic or a dark piece of material if you do not want it to be visible.
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How to Make a Music Box
Listening to soothing melodies wafting from a treasured music box is one of life's simple pleasures. Artisans first produced music boxes in the 18th century, and through the years, their popularity has increased. Today, you can find music boxes in a... More »
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One needs a good pattern, the right tools, and of course a good concern for safety in order to build a music box. It can be a fun little rainy day project for someone with the time
1. Sand the exterior of the music box with a light grit paper to remove any coatings and improve the adhesion of paint. 2. Pour 2 tablespoons of paint into a dish. Run a foam roller
An inventor in Switzerland invemted the first music box in 1796. The techniques used to make music boxes has been around in its earliest forms since as far back as the 9th century
Something with a good tempo - fast but not too fast. Eminem - Till I Collapse is perfect. ACDC - thunderstruck Eminem - lighters Those 3 are around 5 minutes each, so perfect for
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A musical box is an automatic musical instrument. Traditional musical boxes with metal disks are sold for around a £1,000. ...
The steps followed to make a music box include, place the music box on a piece of paper, label the spot on the box, from the outdoor of the box, press the pencil ...
Music box repair is a very specialized skill and only a few music box repairmen most of which specialize in antique music boxes. The repair services can be found ...
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