How Do I Make a Screen Dump?


To make a screen dump, you will have to first make sure that the window of which you want to take a screenshot is on top. Then push the PRT SCR (print screen) key once but on some computers you will hold down the ALT key and press the PRT SC key once. Then choose the location you want to save the screen dump and press CTRL+V which then pastes the screen shot on the specified location.
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1. Click "Start" and type "System Restore" in the "Search" box. 2. Press "Enter" and select "Use a different restore point. 3. Select
n. The act or process of transferring data on a computer screen to a printer or storage medium.
Press the Print Screen button which is on your keyboard. Go to the application you want to put it in and then go to the Edit Menu and choose Paste. A full screen shot will appear.
If you are using Windows and you want to make a picture of what you see on the screen, press your Print Screen button (on the upper right of the keyboard, it's called PrntScrn or
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A screen dump is essentially a snapshot of what is currently displaying on your PC's monitor. It's also known as a screenshot or a screen capture. ...
To create a screen dump, you first need to select the window. Then press ALT and Printscreen key simultaneously andÊpaste the picture into Paint or other ...
To capture a screen shot also known as screen dump, press the print screen key on the keyboard. This command takes a screen shot of the everything on the screen ...
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