How Do I Make a Simple Kaleidoscope?


You can make a simple kaleidoscope out of a Pringles can. Punch a hole in the bottom of the can using a nail. Glue colorful pieces of paper on the outside of the lid. This is the part that moves. Glue colored paper on another layer of paper, and glue that paper to the top of the can.
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1. Fold the plastic report cover into thirds lengthwise, creating three equal sides. 2. Slide report cover into the paper towel roll. Trim off any report cover sticking out from the
Fold a square of poster board in half twice, both times in the same direction, to create a long, slender rectangle. Crease the folds, and then unfold the square so that it is now
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We have some information that may help. To find instructions GO to >>MAKE a Kaleidoscope Or check the "Crafts" section of your local library.
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Making a kaleidoscope can be fun for adult and child. Of course the child will need supervision. You will need some simple materials. These would include a ...
With some tape, foam and mirrors you are on your way to building your own kaleidoscope. This is not a simple feat, but once completed, it is hours upon hours of ...
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