How Do I Make a Square Wooden Box?


To make a square wooden box you will need a table saw, scrap pieces of wood, miter saw and a table. Depending on how you want it to look like, choose the right wood for making your box since it will all come down to the wood used in regards to how it looks like. For complete instructions, visit
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1. Set the table saw blade at 45 degrees. Miter all four edges on all six pieces of plywood. Peel off eight strips of masking tape approximately 6 inches long and gently stick them
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1. Decide on the type of wood you're going to use. This is important and can change the way your creation looks. Ad. 2. You will need access to power and hand tools as well as adequate
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How to Build a Square Wooden Box
Building a perfectly square wooden box is more difficult than it sounds. If the box is to be a piece of furniture like a flower stand or an end table, efforts have to be taken to hide any raw edges of plywood. To build a box like this, you need to have... More »
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