How do I make a toga from a sheet?


A Toga is a robe that was used by the elite members of society in the Roman culture. When making a toga the first step is to obtain a sheet that is long enough to wrap your waist and your shoulder. Pin the sheet to your undergarment at your waist. If you want the toga to sling over your left shoulder pin the starting end on the right side of your waist and vice versa. Wrap the garment on your waist and pin the garment again on your waist. Throw the rest of the sheet over your shoulder and pin it again on your waist.
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How to Make a Toga From a Sheet
Togas, ancient Roman robes used by elite members of the society, were immortalized by Roman senators and popularized by the film "Animal House." Today, togas are worn as outfits for Halloween and themed and fraternity parties. Togas are simple garments.... More »
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There're 6 steps. 1.Take the corner of a topsheet in one hand. 2.Drape the sheet snugly across your chest. 3.Shorten if necessary. 4.Wrap the toga around your ...
To make a toga out of a bedsheets you will need a sheet that is size double or larger. For men you wrap around the waist for woman you wrap just under the arm ...
You can easily make a toga for a child using a common flat white bed sheet. Usually a twin size sheet is large enough. Wrap it around their waist, across their ...
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