How Do I Make a Website Free of Charge?


First of all, you can get a site that is hosted by another website. These tend to be 'profiles' more than websites, because you don't have complete access to all the files. You can also get a website script and host your site on a free hosting site. There are a number of places that will give a free website in order to attract customers. They will hope that you upgrade to a paid site so that you can use all of the features. A great way to get a free website is to find a friend who is willing to let you host your site on their existing site. Keep in mind that there are risks involved with this method. Though there are ways to get a website with no cost, it's probably best to buy a domain name and pay a server to host it. It's so inexpensive to do this that it's really not worth taking the risks that are involved with totally free approaches.
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It's run by MTV and the CBS television networks © 2008 MTV Networks. © and TM MTV Networks. ALL ...
It's run by MTV and the CBS television networks © 2008 MTV Networks. © and TM MTV Networks. ALL ...
The amount you charge to build a website depends on how long it is going to take you to build the website. Most people that are self-employed, charge by the hour ...
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