How Do I Make an Origami Person?


To make an origami person, get a square of paper that is 10 by 10 cm in size. Start by making the head by bending a sheet by half, folding the lateral edges towards the middle and creasing the right and left edges into a diagonal form. Fold the top and bottom corners to the back and draw the features of the face. Use similar format to make the body and limbs then assemble by opening the body, gluing the head in and enclosing it.
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An origami artist is simply called an origamist. They usually are fast with
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There are many cool crafts to make. A person can create origami, kirigami, 3D drawings, paper crafts, spiral art, or knit various things, such as stuffed animals ...
The key to making good origami people is to create crisp clean lines. The paper must be prefolded and then arrange to make an origami person. For more information ...
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