How Do I Make Boilies?


When making boilies, put semolina, soya flour and ground rice in a sealing plastic bag, blow it full of air and shake it thoroughly while closed. You should then add eggs and base mix then let the mixture rest for five minutes. Knead a firm paste with your hands and break off marble size pieces. Finally, using a straining net, place the balls in boiling water for thirty minutes and later freeze them in a plastic bag.
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1. Put the semolina, ground rice and soya flour in a large sealing plastic bag. Blow the bag full of air and close it. Shake the bag until the ingredients are thoroughly combined.
1. This is how to make the paste for pineapple-flavored dog food boilies. Dump 2 cups of any flavor of dry dog food in your blender or food processor. Blend the dog food until it
boilies? I'm assuming you mean Boils...Louisanna Crab
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Making your own boilies requires a number of important procedures in order to have the desired results. For more information on how to make them, please visit ...
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To make boilies you will need to combine ingredients like flour, eggs and mulberry. The you roll the mixture out and press it into balls. For more information ...
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