How Do I Make Bridge Tallies?


The first step in making bridge tallies is to rotate the index cards then marking them by measuring using a ruler. A vertical line should then be drawn from the start of each mark and the resulting columns labelled using the top row of each card. After this, two sets of numbers should be written with the second set coming beneath the first then the number should be highlighted as it appears under each of the columns after which the process should be replicated until one has eight cards.
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1. Rotate your index cards so that are greater in height than in width. Unlined index cards that measure five by eight inches will work best. 2. Place your ruler to the side of the
Bridge tally cards are used to keep track of the. scoring of bridge card games. when there are two or more tables, such as at a card party.
Go to and print them.
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How to Make Bridge Tallies
While Bridge may be about card playing, you'll never keep a game going without proper tally cards. These will allow players to know with and against whom they are playing in each round of the game, as well as when they switch tables and their scores.... More »
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There are a few places where one can find free bridge score sheets. These sheets can be found at Student Handouts, Printable Paper, Bridge Tallies, Software Topic ...
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