How Do I Make Burgundy Icing?


If you want to make some frosting or icing the color of burgundy, it appears that Wilton makes a burgundy or maroon food coloring. You can also try mixing colors that you already have. For burgundy try some blue with a little red. Test it in water or something first, to get the color right.
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To make burgundy icing, either start with chocolate & add red food coloring
You need to buy some really good food coluring from a cake decorating shop. Then this site tells you how to mix them to get the colours you want.
Bailey's Irish Cream Ice Cream Ingredients: granulated sugar brown sugar Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur, eggs Enough milk Method: Blend ingredients jointly. Freeze in ice cream freezer
Blend ingredients jointly. Freeze in ice cream freezer according to manufacturer's instructions. Serve by means of fresh strawberries and brownies. Burgundy Ice Ingredients and Directions
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