How Do I Make Facebook My Homepage?


To make Facebook your home page, from your browser, find the TOOLS or OPTIONS and choose Internet options. The general tab will usually have the ability to change the current url to that of Facebook's.
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How to Make Facebook My Homepage
If you visit Facebook frequently, make Facebook your homepage. Instead of typing Facebook's URL into your browser's address bar every time, or clicking on a Facebook button, have your browser automatically go to Facebook once it's open. With one change... More »
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To make facebook your homepage, click the tools menu, select internet options and then click the general tab. There, in the Home Page section, enter ...
Each browser is slightly different. In most, you can open up the browser options and enter the website address where it says Homepage. If you are using Firefox ...
Some of the most popular homepages include; Facebook, Google, yahoo, MSN, YouTube, twitter, eBay, Wal-Mart, Bing, Weather and Amazon. For a home page to be popular ...
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