How Do I Make Fake Water for a Project?


Try using blue cling film for fake water. Just bunch it up and glue it to your project. You can also try applying clear wrap onto a blue background; glue it on loosely so that you can pull and move some of it around to simulate moving water. Alternatively, try using a thick piece of foam cutting ripples and waves using blue and white paint.
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Projects are done periodically through school or as fun ideas for children to eliminate boredom. Some projects require water or a substance similar to that of the water's image and consistency. Water can become stagnant, build bacteria, promote the growth of germs, and evaporate sooner than other substances. Using clear silicon putty can be a great substitute for actual water. Adding a drop of blue food coloring can make the fake clear silicone water even more like water.
To make fake water for a project you could use what is actually called Transparent Water Gel. The Water Gel is usually used when people want to make Flower arrangements appear real ( as if flowers are in water). Try your local arts and crafts store for the product ( i.e. Michaels)
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