How Do I Make Flower Buttonholes?


To Make Flower Buttonholes, all you need is some fabric, embroidery thread, and a needle. The first thing you need to do is to prepare its thread. Put the thread into the needle, and pass it through the fabric, in the location where you want your flower to be. Make a circular pattern, and continue it. Now, start another row, and do the same with it. Embroider the second row. After the embroidery is complete, a flower buttonhole pattern will be made.
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For one to make a flower buttonhole, you first cut the stems of the flowers to 3 centimetres and piece it with the silver rose flower. Gently pull the wires in line with the stem and wrap one wire around each other and the stem three times. Piece the green parts of the petals and feed the wire halfway through the bend. For safety and comfort, tape the flower from top to bottom covering all the wires and you get your flower buttonholes.
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1. Prepare the thread. Cut about 12 inches of six-strand embroidery thread from the package and divide it into three strands. Thread the needle with one of the strands. 2. Bring the
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