How Do I Make Google My Main Search Engine?


First go to 'Tools' at the top of your Internet Browser. Then you will see Internet Options. Click it and then it will show you your current homepages’ URL written down. Delete it if you do not want it anymore and write in the URL you want. It will open when your browser launches (example ).If you want to leave your current homepage and add another one it simple just leave it and Press the enter button and write in another one. Finish editing it press 'Apply' and then 'Ok'
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1. Use the Google Add URL form to place your site into the Google database. Once you have suggested your site, Google Web crawlers will visit your site and see if it is appropriate
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Google is a search engine because it has a lot of websites. It is a very good search engine.
it dependes on which browser you are using. generally you can simple go to options - and set as default homepage
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