How Do I Make My Breasts Smaller?


There are several ways to make your breasts smaller. Breast reduction surgery is the only permanent way. Another way, which is temporary, would be to bind the breasts with ace bandages under clothing.
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1. Wear two bras. A lot of women with large breasts resort to this tactic. Not only does it give extra lift, it also pulls the breast in and makes them look smaller. At first, it's
There are no specific exercises for reducing the breast size. Overall weight loss of body fat, which the breasts contain mostly fatty tissue, could aid in smaller breasts.
1 Have your bra fitted. Go to a good department store, and have this done professionally. Wearing a bra that is too small will do nothing but make it look like you've squeezed the
They don't need to wear a bra sometimes It's easier finding clothes to wear They get fewer back problems Exercise is easier and more comfortable Fewer guys (and girls) check them
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Although the American women's average bra size was 34B in 1993, 20 years later it is slightly smaller than average. In 2013, the average bra size was determined ...
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