How do I make my laptop screen brighter?


On most laptops, a user can adjust the brightness of the screen through system power settings or shortcut keys. A variety of power presets automatically adjust the screen brightness to conserve power or provide optimal performance, according to Windows.

For many users, conserving battery power is important, and screen brightness plays a large role in power consumption. To increase or reduce screen brightness on a standard PC or laptop, users can access a brightness slider bar through the control panel by selecting "Power Options." On many laptops, brightness can be adjusted using the function key and pressing the appropriate shortcut key, often designated by a sun symbol. Of course, any given laptop has a maximum brightness and cannot be adjusted to be brighter than its capabilities.

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How to Make Your Laptop Screen Brighter
Laptops have the built-in capability to control the brightness of the screen directly from the keyboard. Laptop screens will dim automatically when you unplug them, saving battery life, and they brighten again when you plug them back in. Although each... More »
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